Year 1987…

This story started in a quiet night in Kotor.

Tiha Noc was like a slim candle burned by Ivan Ivanovic that night. Ivan Ivanovic started his adventure by presenting the famous seafood of Montenegro as well as the lamb in tandori. And Tiha Noc restaurant became a legend firstly in Kotor and in Montenegro and ultimately all over Europe.

A brand new page opened for the quiet night a.k.a. Tiha Noc in 2018. Restaurant Laurea D.O.O took over the Ivan Ivanovic’s legend and it supposed to continue its life with the concept of world cuisine. Likewise the aim was to ensure the entire world to taste these flavors.

Tiha Noc is the first restaurant which brought irreplaceable cuisines of Turkish kitchen such as kebab and lahmacun (very thin Turkish pizza covered with seasoned minced meat and onions) to Montenegro. This new concept, which has received the appreciation and admiration of the people of Montenegro in a short period of time, continues to grow as a slim candle burned by Ivan Ivanovic in 1987 which is transforming into a torch illuminating around.

Unforgettable flavors of the world and Turkish cuisines provided by our Chiefs, unique scenery of Tiha Noc and nature of Kotor which is embracing you, we promise you an unforgettable experience. Don’t be indifferent to this invitation.

The Tiha Noc Family